Research Report
The requirements for the research report are listed below.  Please note the report is due on Wednesday, May 25th.
Research Report
Minimum Requirements

To earn a passing score on the research report you must fulfill all of the listed requirements.
Additional handouts and instruction will be provided in class.
The report is due Wednesday, May 25th.  Late reports will not be accepted.
You may choose to work alone or with one partner.  Note- You will receive the same grade as your partner.

Required Materials
Poway Unified School District Writing with Style Manual (additional copies are available at the student store)
Computer with word processing capabilities (the computer lab, library, and class computers are available)
A minimum of three (five with a partner) accurate resources (e.g. books, web sites, magazines, videos, etc.).

1.Title Page
a.Must follow the exact format shared in class
2.Table of Contents
a.Includes each category listed in this section (“Components”) and page numbers
3.Outline (Note- Do not include the outline in your final draft)
a.One Roman numeral section per paragraph
b.Sub-sections should address key points in each paragraph
a.Must include appropriate citations (Note- Plagiarism will not be accepted)
b.The final draft must be free of spelling and grammar errors
a.Must follow the Writing with Style Manual format (i.e. MLA)
b.Three sources minimum (five with a partner)
c.Must include at least one book and one website
d.Appendix* (Extra credit: Worth up to a 10% bonus)
1.Encompasses any additional information (e.g. visual aids, downloads, models, etc.)

1.Margins should be 1” on every edge
2.The entire report must be word processed, size 12 font, and double-spaced
a.Recommended fonts: Times New Roman, Geneva, or Helvetica
b.Please note there are exceptions regarding font size for specific categories (e.g. Title Page)
3.A Header must be included on every page: Report title and student’s full name
4.A Footer must include the page numbers
5.Follow the rules for formal writing as discussed in the Writing with Style Manual and class discussion
6.The report itself must be at least three typed pages in length (five for two-person teams)
a.Does not include the title page, table of contents, outline, bibliography, and appendix
7.Citations must be appropriately referenced
a.When in doubt… CITE!
8.Focus on one primary topic per paragraph
a.Include appropriate transitions between paragraphs
9.The report must be based on research (Concrete Details)
a.Opinions should be kept to a minimum
10.The report should be easy to read and interesting